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Thomas + Jennifer Fawcett

Thomas and Jennifer have a passion to unlock the power of building wealth through real estate investing.  They have built a real estate portfolio of single-family and small multifamily homes along with a property management system

for self-managers.  


Thomas and Jennifer’s desire to help others benefit from the power of real estate led to the formation of Vine Capital Partners. 

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Douglas Shiplett

Douglas has over 40 years experience in building, maintaining, and selling real estate all over the nation. His portfolio consists of multifamily properties and other investments. He is a licensed real estate agent and  is constantly striving to build strong relationships.

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Jonathan + Hanna Shiplett

Jonathan is a licensed contractor with fifteen years experience in construction. His background is in the trade, managing millions of dollars of construction projects and renovations each year. He has history in single family flips, multifamily renovation and property management.


Hanna is a licensed interior designer and knows how to invest in spaces making them functional and more desirable in all of their projects to date. 


Vine Capital Partners is a multifamily real estate investment company whose mission is to provide investors with competitive returns through apartment investing.  VCP works hard to find growing markets, acquire properties with guaranteed potential, and integrate solid management systems.

VCP is passionate about creating wealth and passive income for our investors.  We select properties that undergo conservative, “worse case scenario” underwriting. We are committed to purchasing properties that deliver competitive, profitable returns for our investors. 

VCP forms trusted relationships with those we work with.  We value the people that live in our apartment communities as well as the many professionals and investors we work with day-to-day.  VCP values investment returns that are built on solid relationships. 

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