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Recession Proof Your Portfolio

Recession Proof Your Portfolio During times of economic disruption, it's critical to diversify your investment portfolio into recession-resilient assets that will hold their value and preserve wealth through a downturn. Every investment carries some degree of risk. Having all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea, and when it comes assets that will hold their value, we suggest looking into hard assets such as real estate. Multifamily real estate has historically proven itself to be not only recession resilient but also a way to hedge against the negative financial effects of inflation. In a 2022 national market forecast overview, advisors at Marcus and Millichap report, "Inflation concerns favor apartment assets. In addition to the many other favorable factors driving multifamily investor demand, inflation worries are highlighting the property type’s potential as an inflation hedge. Appreciating property values and the ability to adjust rents position apartments as a favorable option in a higher-inflation climate..." There are several ways to invest in real estate, however if you're looking for something passive, we suggest considering a real estate syndication. Remember, a real estate syndication is simply a pooling of investor capital and skill sets to purchase larger assets. As the General Partners in a syndication, we are responsible for finding and underwriting the properties, negotiating the purchase price, securing the financing, creating the business plan, hiring the property manager, performing the asset management duties over the life of the investment, and the disposition or sale. Limited Partners, or passive investors and people just like you, are strictly responsible for providing the capital to fund the investment. Investing in hard assets that provide basic human needs such as housing has provided wonderful opportunities for investors for many years. If you're considering this type of investment class, it is our responsibility that you know and understand the potential risks and returns, so now is the time to get in touch with us to discuss whether a multifamily syndication is right for you!

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